OFCOM register of hospitality

Hmm – it’s 3pm on a Friday and I’ve just had Ofcom’s response to my freedom of informaton act request seeking their registers of gifts and hospitality. Ofcom is the regulator of the broadcast industry and as you’ll see there’s a lot of ‘stakeholder engagement’ in evidence. Friday afternoons are the preferred time for government disclosures of an embarrassing nature so I’m hoping this is no exception.

Please – everyone – dig in. I’m particularly interested to hear what media insiders make of Ofcom’s response and to the lobbying. Please send me comments here or on twitter (newsbrooke).


2 Responses to “OFCOM register of hospitality”

  1. Steve says:

    Does Philip Graf ever eat at Home? He appears to be practically living with some of these people. This raises ‘networking’ to a much higher level than I would assume to be healthy. Hasn’t he got a telephone?

  2. Liam says:

    I like their bucketing of values. “> 200”. Errm. HOW much more?

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