Soup Kitchen for Hungry MPs

There are very few places in London where you can get a slap-up meal for less than £2.50, but Parliament is one of them.

Using freedom of information, I obtained the menus of all the restaurants and cafes in the Palace of Westminster while working on the Channel 4 Dispatches programme: The Westminster Gravy Train. The menus reveal the hugely discounted meals members have access to.

Soup for 60p! This must be the only place in London where you can get such cheap fare apart from a soup kitchen.

MPs are not poor by any means, yet their meals are being subsidised by the taxpayer.

If you go to the British Library, where there are lots of students, the food is about £4 or £5 higher. Why shouldn’t that be subsidised? Poor students, researchers and writers seem more suitable candidates for subsidy than MPs and Lords.

4 Responses to “Soup Kitchen for Hungry MPs”

  1. Mike Law says:

    You can see how one of my local MPs is using the system to her advantage (and at our expense) Here:

  2. Mark says:

    Aren’t the vast majority of people who eat at those prices staff rather than MPs, i.e. 90%+? That’s not to say you don’t have a point, but it seems to me to rather cheeky to talk about a group of people who almost all aren’t MPs as if they were all in fact MPs?

  3. JP_Fife says:

    Congratulations on getting this information Heather. Now, if only they would choke on the food …

  4. GM_Torbay says:

    Heather, Regarding a revitalisation of democracy – why not modify the present electoral system? In addition to the four year term allotted to parliament, perhaps there should be six monthly polls of the electorate and if these do not proclaim backing for those in power for three consecutive periods, then a general election must be called. It might just keep them on their toes and honest.

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