Speaking at Open Tech

Clarification: I’ll be taking part in Open Tech at ULU (University of London Union), on Malet Street near Russell Square on Saturday July 4th. Seriously hard-core geek action.

I’ll be taking part in the Freedom of Information workshop which will offer advice on how best to prise out official data from the cold, dead hand of government. Also giving a talk about my own little FOI battle with the House of Commons. Tickets are just £5. I’ll be selling a few copies of my old book – now a collector’s edition!

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  1. John L Bell says:

    ‘now a collector’s edition’

    I may be the citizen of a country ruled by a Fraudsters’ Parliament —- but I have a collectors’ edition!!!!!!— is this because politicians have been bulk buying so that the book would never be seen by the ordinary citizen!

    Any other data on how many MPs have been buying your book in a last ditch attempt to understand the anger of the taxpaying citizens of this country and/or to stave off the slamming of cell doors behind them?

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