Terrorists everywhere?

The British Journal of Photography have made some cunning FOI requests to determine the extent to which controversial “S44” stop-and-search powers have been applied across Britain.

Under Sections 40-44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 , the police can stop and search you without a warrant, or any grounds for suspicion, and can arrest you and hold you for up to 48 hours without any charge being brought. Any items in your possession can be taken in evidence.

Of course, these draconian powers haven’t caught many terrorists. But they have been used over and over again to harass photographers:

3 Responses to “Terrorists everywhere?”

  1. John L Bell says:

    We live in a society that is ruled by what has been described as a ‘Fraudsters’ Parliament’, the members of which believe they can, and have, attempted to exclude themselves from the rule of law!
    Is it any surprise that this warped view of the rule of law filters down through other state institutions such as the police?

  2. Demetrius says:

    I live in fear of the knock on the door and all the photos’s from my trainspotting days in the 1940’s will be taken and used in evidence against me. Will the photo’s of rugger teams from the 1950’s be used to sweep up silver surfer anti-government bloggers?

  3. Josef in Washington, USA says:

    American photog here.

    Perhaps Heather your next glorious British Revolution escapade should be to get a “Bill of Rights” into British law.

    Perhaps John L Bell America also believes its Congress has members who are above the law.

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