Expect libel reform now that MPs are affected

To some it might seem that today’s article in the Guardian is bad news:

Super-injunctions do limit freedom of speech, Speaker’s lawyers advise
• Guidance contradicts justice minister’s stance
• Select committee fears for parliamentary privilege

But that is to overlook the historic tradition whereby MPs don’t give a fig about the invasion of our privacy, civil liberties or freedom of speech up until they find their own affected.

Who cares about the common man’s freedom of speech being stifled by the world’s worst libel law when you have granted yourself immunity from it through parliamentary privilege? It was a similar story with draconian and disturbingly far-ranging anti-terrorist laws that were all very well up until an MP was arrested in his office (Damien Green MP) or bugged while visiting a prison inmate (Sadiq Khan MP). Then – suddenly – MPs had second thoughts about the totalitarian culture they had nurtured.

Therefore as a result of MPs now finding themselves liable under the libel law I conclude that libel reform is set to become a top priority on the legislative agenda. You read it here first!

5 Responses to “Expect libel reform now that MPs are affected”

  1. When the bird comes home to roost on your own head, your viewpoint suddenly changes…

  2. Sam C says:

    Ah, but MPs will tell you they only care about their rights because they’re important for maintaining democracy! I’m sure they can explain how granting themselves these privileges (and buckets of cash) is a selfless sacrifice for our benefit.

    As you say, it’s the same old, same old. I’m sure a lot of MPs go into politics to make the world a better place, but the majority seem to get corrupted by the self-centred ego trip and freebie wagon that is Westminster. Then they can’t see the big picture, can’t see how absurd they look, baying like howler monkeys at PM’s Questions while skiving off debates on important issues; more concerned about their pay packets than the fate of the country (and the other countries they decided to send their army into).

    No MP seems to have made any attempt to explain why 600+ of them haven’t found a few minutes in the last ten or twenty years to sort out this problem. Pathetic.

  3. John L Bell says:

    Have to say that, as a taxpaying citizen voter, I would expect to see The Fraud Act 2006 used against those in this Fraudsters’ Parliament who have stolen from the taxpaying public BEFORE any consideration is given re: libel law and how it affects MPs!

  4. craih says:

    unfortunately Bell, you’re not a ‘citizen’, you’re a ‘Subject.’

    Thus you have no rights really, because there is no Constitution in the UK; you exist to serve the crown!

  5. Joe Beavers says:

    Your MPs need to take a lesson from the Washington State (USA) legislature. When they passed the Public Records Act (aka FOI), they simply exempted themselves from it. For them, it is a public record only if they say it is.

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