When Heather met Paxman

The story that keeps on giving has given me another blast on the airwaves. I’ve been on the TV and radio the last few days talking about the internal audit done on MPs’ expenses in which several hundred MPs have been asked to pay back money. I’ve been brutal, accepting only a few requests due to my tight book deadline, but one appearance I certainly wasn’t going to turn down was Newsnight with the great and glorious Jeremy Paxman.

It’s long been an ambition to get a grilling from him. Oooh!

And it certainly made up for having to debate with Sir Stuart Bell yet again.

You can check out the online repartee on Youtube.

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  1. Swiss Bob says:

    I was going to make some lascivious remark on my blog post but restrained myself. Then you go and spoil it with yours.

    Ms Brooke, perhaps you could delete the previous comment, and this para, or the whole lot.

    Congrats on your campaign, nothing hurts like a hit to the pocket.

  2. John L Bell says:

    I watched the programme! Well done!
    Don’t these fraudsters know this is costing me money! No… I don’t mean my taxpayer’s monies they are all trousering.. I mean the books I am buying! …’Your Right to Know’, ‘A Very British Revolution by Martin Bell(no relation!) ‘No Expenses Spared’ by Winnet and Rayner!
    Or can I claim them all on expenses because, in a country run (at present) by this Fraudsters’ Parliament, they are essential reading if I am to undertake effectively my function as a taxpaying citizen voter?

  3. Linda says:

    Well done Heather, you are my one hope that we can get out of the mess this country is in. Have MP’s no shame, how soon can we kick them all out and disinfect both places!

  4. Hello Ms Brooke,

    I voted for you today at reform.co.uk because I think you have made one small step in a giant battle to restore freedom to the people that wish to live their lives in peace without the spectre of corruption.

    Many thanks once again for your unselfish efforts

    Beware of Geeks

  5. Sean Patrick says:

    OMG! Newsnight? Your star continues to ascend!!!

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