Book edits DONE

You wait months for a new blog post and then three come along at once!

I’ve been neglecting the dear old YRTK blog while I thundered through all the research and writing necessary to complete the manuscript of The Silent State. It was stressful but intensely exciting and I turned in the book on deadline. It’s since been to the lawyers, the editor and the copy editor. On Wednesday I met my wonderful editor Drummond Moir at Heinemann to go through the final corrections in an all-day editing session. Now the manuscript is being set and then it’s one more read-through before it heads to the printers. I can’t wait!

Publication is now set for the first week in April. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon for a special 30 percent discount price. I hope some of you will get your orders in early and often!

2 Responses to “Book edits DONE”

  1. Josef says:

    I would like to be among if not the first to congratulate my home state’s hero on the new book I will read and re-read for years to come. Hopefully either thru Amazon or the University of Washington (UofW) press American copies can be provided. Perhaps arrangements could be made to buy at a high price autographed copies with a share going to City U, UofW Daily and other fine pro-liberty groups.

    Thanks and rock on!

  2. Linda says:

    Congratulations Heather, keep going we need you to clean up the mess this country is in.

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