Drama will be broadcast Feb 23rd

The dramatisation of my campaign to open up Parliament now has a date.

On Expenses (formerly Bringing Down the House) will have its first broadcast on BBC4 at 9pm on Tuesday February 23rd. Don’t miss it!! I’ve done an interview with Martin Bell for the Radio Times and will be in tomorrow’s (Feb 16th) Woman’s Own magazine for those who want a taste of what’s to come.

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  1. Really glad to see that you’re finally getting some of the credit you so richly deserve for pioneering the effective use of FOI – and for taking the lid off such a f**king big can of worms! Oh sorry, I meant to say MPs not worms!! 🙂

  2. John L Bell says:

    Well done, Heather!
    Who changed the title? -It was great!

  3. A Talhan says:

    I think your determination to get to the bottom of this, no matter what had to be admired. This is particularly true when you were even threatened with bankruptcy by Michael Martin.

    I will definately watch “ON EXPENSES” next Tuesday.

  4. William Warren says:

    Have just seen the BBC “On Expenses”.What you achieved puts Watergate in the shade.Thank you for your persistance and courage in taking on “The Establishment

  5. Phil H says:

    Great programme. It would make a good full length film as there was a lot more sleaze that was left out that would have exposed that fool Martin even more. Congratulations to you for all your superb work.

  6. This was a fabulous dramatisation of the expenses scandal , but it really could have been turned into a mini-series. I have also been trying to break down the red tape that is the bane of this country. I did use the expenses scandal in various ways on my own web site and i have always wondered who to thank for this , until now. Thank you Heather , you never gave up , even when all seemed lost , you deserve great credit for showing up a vast majority of MP’s for what they are. Being a Glaswegian , i have also had the displeasure of meeting Michael Martin , albeit , in passing. Good Luck in whatever your following projects involve.

  7. yenhsi says:

    I just want to thank you for doing this. Before watching this film, I didn’t realize that your effort did not get as much credit as you deserve. So I’ll make sure that people know about this as I discuss related matters.

    Thanks again

  8. John` says:

    Thank you for all of your work. My pals in the USA have often asked why Brits just put up with it all. Now I can see we did not need to. But – please keep on top of it all to avoid the old way just continuing – which the “honourable” members are trying to ensure.

  9. Fred Dawson says:

    Great film all about a bunch of turkeys who voted for Christmas.

  10. Kim says:

    I also watched the Expenses Drama on BBC 4 on Wednesday and was absolutely astonished by the way Speaker Michael Martin abused his powers! At the time when he was forced out last year, I was wondering what all the fuss was about and now I know! I remember even feeling sorry for him, without knowing what kind of things he’d been up to in the name of Democracy.

    Also amazed and inspired by Heather Brooke’s determination to battle over the length of five years!! What strength of character and what grit!!! Well done Heather and congratulations on all your hard work and effort. Without you sticking at it, the British Public would be none-the-wiser and the MPs would still be getting their ‘benefits in kind’ curtesy of the British Taxpayers. Keep it Heather.

  11. Alison Ince says:

    I take my hat off to you! I have just seen the re-run of the play and savoured every single second of it. I particularly enjoyed the Michael Martin predictions, threats, blustering, etc in the full knowledge of what happened to him. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!!! Thank you so much for your herculean efforts on behalf of us all.

  12. Megan Pugh says:

    Dear Heather,

    I’m quite naive, but very eager to learn once the subject is thrust upon me. I only wish I knew of the sterling work you’d done so many years before the Telegraph came up with a big enough sum to nicely break up the expense scandal for us, with pretty diagrams and easy bitesize details; little did we know you were behind the hard and terrifying graft of bringing down an immoral system. Unfortunately, it took an hour length film, with bright pictures and appropriate music for me to recognise what you had spent 5+ years of your dedication to.

    One thing: It was a little humiliating for the rest of us Brits…we all had a responsibility to recognise this was going on and protect ourselves and those less fortunate from the MPs’ blatant exploitation. And in some ways it was blatant – the fast cars, two homes, 1st Class options; ‘the expenses’ were staring us in the face, but we looked on…

    Thank you for the blatant enlightenment.

  13. Ian Morgan says:

    I remember making a note of your name, when the MP’s expenses broke… and thinking …wow…gutsy lady!
    I watched ‘On Expenses’ tonight, and was knocked out by your anger, quite rightly, at MP’s over indulgance…now Publicly Acknowledged…and lessened.
    I hope to see more of your work,and hope that you get the Recognition from the Government, that you deserve….Ian

  14. CRILLBO says:

    Dear Heather

    A big thank you for the work you have done and are continuing to do in championing the rights of Joe Public.For me,the fact that M artin,a Glaswegian and supposedly a “working class hero” was all the more sickening as he had protected the types he orginally despised.
    You rightly,were disappointed at your work in this exposure being hijacked by the Telegraph but the BBC programme has surely recognised your efforts.
    The concern now is,why only 3 MPs and 1 Lord are being charged ?
    Surely there is enough evidence to convict at least 50% of them.
    Thank you again.

  15. jack says:

    just watched tonight’s showing of expenses magic . but one thing worries me who in the expences office let them get away with it till you exposed it ???

  16. Edwin says:

    Superb television, I must confess my ignorance in not knowing anything about you until I saw the programme, but the BBC did you and your research proud. Congratulations on every aspect, it has been a pleasure and privilege to make your acquaintance all be it through the internet.

  17. helen hayward says:

    I just want to reiterate what the other people have said- thank you and good luck. I am afraid I had no idea about you until the programme- so very glad I saw it and that I can spread the word about your role!

  18. Ann Reeves says:

    You have done an amazing job and we all admire your achievements what you have done for all of us.

    We cannot seem to get the press behind us on this scandal on the Gosport War Memorial Hospital and Dr Jane Barton.

    The press are gagged and no journalist will stand with us…. WHY? Now proceeding with the ECHR.

    Ann Reeves

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