New website:

My new website is now up and running: All new posts and future blog updates will be posted on the new site along with information about my new book The Silent State.

Information from the YRTK site will be moved across with re-directed links in the coming weeks.

Please check out my new site and let me know what you think. Thanks to Dave Uprichard at One Trick Pony for the new design.

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  1. Paul says:

    Heather please will you turn your inquisative attention to the cover up that is the Madeleine McCann case. She needs a fearless reporter to uncover what really happened to her under all the layers of corruption. Please take the time to google ‘Gaspars statement’ to see how the McCanns’ friend who holidayed with them as well as Gerry McCann are suspected of paedophile behaviour.

  2. Jonangus Mackay says:

    Pays to advertise. Saw your appeal for site makeover assistance a little while back, citing Raj Patel’s pages, with which I’m familiar, as the sort of effect you were aiming at. Awaited the outcome, therefore, with interest. Damn fine job, if I may say. Congratulations all round.

  3. Clive Peaple says:

    Love the website – occasionally the iPhone won’t show comments. Have spread the good news

  4. Christopher says:

    Public Council accounts……
    On settling in (Mid) Devon some twelve years ago I thought it internesitng to know how public money was being spent in the area. For three years I collected the District Council’s accounts and scanned them. I was amazed to find that the audited closing figures for the year were not the same as the figures given in the next years accounts as the ‘last year’ (for comparrison) — I queried this and received odd answers that did not seem to take on the obvious, the audited accounts were being adjusted after the year end and then apparantly after the audit. The UK national office do not audit District Council accounts or it seems the work of the Council’s auditors.
    Now the District Counckls are moving slowley to using outside contractors (preferred partners) to manage their accounts – How wide I wonder is their brief…
    Hello Heather Brooke….. you might like to follow up on this … All I achieved was a change in the way the accounts were presented.. abreviated, as I recall.

  5. Don Nelder says:

    Just ran across your name and your success in exposing the fraud and waste by the British congress. I would like to suggest that the time is ripe for someone of your talent to pursue the same endevor with the current American congress. We have ample indication that fraud and illegal use of tax payer money is being used by most of our congressional members today. We need to hold them accountible for their illegal actvities and fraud just like you have forced the British parliment to do.

    I hope you will seriously consider my suggestion.

    Thank you.

    Donald K Nelder

  6. Rod Smith says:


    I wonder if you would consider taking on the real power in this and every county, the legal fraternity.

    I have evidence of systemic failure and corruption from County Court level- Appeal Court including a judment by Lady Justice Smith, that is so bizzare it is incredulous. The powers to be have tried to shut me up and weaken my resolve and have failed.

    Please Consider


  7. John L Bell says:

    Re: Donald K Nelder’s comment!

    Help is also needed to sort out political expenses transparency by those nice people in Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

    Plus the politicians in Nigeria have apparently been able to keep Freedom of Information legislation at bay for a decade!

  8. John Whislte Blower says:

    Hi Heather,

    First off I’d like to commend you on your breath of fresh air attitude & tenacity in exposing the crooks.
    What I think most would like to hear is how MI6 is behind transporting opium out of Afghanistan daily.
    This was what came directly out of the mouth of a soldier in Cornwall on leave from Afghanistan. He said he was disgusted with high ranking officer in the British Army & MI6 as well as CIA bringing in Herculies military cargo planes to load them with opium & fly to unknown destinations, while the common soldiers bleed to death in the field of battle daily.
    This coincides beautifully with the comments /admission of former vice piece of shit Dick Chenney with a capital D, as well as those of the then White House spokes woman/viper Dana Peligrino when confronted by journalists at a White House press conference a couple of months before Obama went into office.
    The both said & I quote:
    “The White House never said that Bin Ladin was behind the 9/11 events”.
    This was all over CNN; live too.

    So I guess the question that begs to be asked is:
    If Bin Ladin was not behind the 9/11 then what is Nato doing in Afghanistan again??!!
    & why did I go in the first place.
    I don’t think we need to remind each other of what Tony Lying Blair said about the reasons for going in back in Sep 2001.

    P.S. all it takes is for someone to offer the proper incentives or apply the necessary pressure on these soldiers coming out of Afghanistan to come forward & divulge such incriminating evidence.
    I’m sure thousands of families of victims on both sides of the war would be forever indebted to you should you expose the truth on this one.

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