Newsnight: Tony Blair and FOI

I appeared on BBC Newsnight debating Tony Blair’s claim in his memoirs that in introducing the Freedom of Information Act he was a “naive, foolish, irresponsible nincompoop”.

My opponent was the pugnacious John Prescott.

8 Responses to “Newsnight: Tony Blair and FOI”

  1. GF says:

    Is John Prescott really this stupid or is it just for show? The number of non sequitur arguments he relied upon was staggering.

  2. Oh, bwess John’s ickle heart, ‘cos he can’t take his family out somewhere without us knowing about it. As an MP, you’re in the public eye. Deal with it.

  3. Dave Croft says:

    You were taken apart by Prescott.

  4. michael says:

    Heather, you were remarkably tolerant, logical, and coherent.

    Well done.

  5. Terrible But True says:

    Kudos for restraint.

    Some bloke jabbing me might have proven newsworthy but unfortunate for my career, as I am not blessed by being above the law, as some members of upper, lower and out houses seem to be.

    And what was the bloke in the suit opposite meant to be for, other than setting up things that are ‘not true’?

  6. Josef says:

    The debate was not just between two titans, but between two times. One of deference to the viewer’s port/left view, one of liberty and transparency to the viewer’s starboard/right view. Nicely done, Newsbrooke.

  7. Roger Lancefield says:

    As others have implied, I admire you for managing to keep a cool head despite Prescott’s determination to intimidate you, psychologically dominate the discussion and poison the atmosphere within which it was conducted.

    When he’s in the room, you know he’s going to raise his voice, be overbearing, belittle, ridicule, provoke, patronize, filibuster, interrupt, and spend his whole time doing his utmost to derail any attempt at calm, rational debate.

    One reason we need FOI requests, among other mechanisms, is so that we can route around professional bullies like this awful man.

  8. IAN PAYNE says:

    A real Socialist is Prezza and a man of the people….oh, and now a man of the the Lords [urrrrrr] !!!!!

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