Silent State makes most-reviewed list

According to the Bookseller magazine The Silent State was one of the most reviewed books:

1. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman (Canongate 9781847678256, £14.99, 29th March)
2. The Sultan of Zanzibar by Martyn Downer (Black Spring,9780948238437, £16.99, 1st April)
3. Contested Will by James Shapiro (Faber 9780571235766, £20, 1st April)
4. The Silent State by Heather Brooke (William Heinemann 9780434020263, £12.99, 1st April)
5. Burying the Bones by Hilary Spurling (Profile 9781861978288, £15, 25th March)
6. Red Tory by Philip Blond (Faber 9780571251674, £12.99, 2nd April)
7. Back from the Brink by Peter Snowdon (HarperPress 9780007307258, £14.99, 4th March)
8. Dead Republic by Roddy Doyle (Jonathan Cape 9780224090094, £17.99, 25th March)
9. Ill Fares the Land by Tony Judt (Allen Lane 9781846143595, £20, 25th March)
10. So Much for That by Lionel Shriver (HarperCollins 9780007271078, £15, 4th March)

I’ll be posting the reviews shortly.

4 Responses to “Silent State makes most-reviewed list”

  1. John L Bell says:

    Well done, Heather!

  2. Ed Jones says:

    In his foreword to this important book Ian Hislop says ‘as a British taxpayer’ reading it ‘you may end up, if not furious, then certainly pretty cross.’ Chapter five, alone has made me pretty cross. I think that by the time I finish the book I may very well be ‘effin outraged. Thank you, Heather, for opening my eyes.

  3. Peter says:

    Very well written and done in such a way that even the dimmest light can understand it.

  4. george sheppard says:

    I understand heather has published a book on the cost of surveillance cameras and the results of the effectiveness,can you please revert with the title/publisher……………..thanks in advance George Sheppard

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