Silent State at number 28

The Silent State made it into the bestseller list last week getting to Number 28 in the official Nielson non-fiction chart. Hooray! It was also in Amazon’s top 100 books for the first two weeks of publication and is still hovering between 100 and 150. The publisher tells me we are now in the third re-print. It’s quite a thrill to be a serious book nudging aside various chefs and celebs, even for a brief time. Still a long way to go before I give Ben Goldacre a run for his money.

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  1. Martin Johnstone says:

    Congratulations on the success and i am sure that Ben Goldacre would not begrudge a single bit.

  2. Nick Timmings says:

    It’s a brilliant book, and as a lawyer I am astonished by so much of what you have written. It makes me wonder who is worth voting for a this election. Will anyone change anything?

  3. Chris says:

    Who is Ben Goldacre? 😉

    Well done Heather, you are truly a star!

    Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.

  4. I have just finished your book and the contents were infuriating, illuminating and a little depressing. Depressing because we have been sleepwalking into the state we are in for a long time and the way out will be long and painful. The book almost made me want to go and shout in the street, but I would probably be seen on one of those CCTV cameras and be carted off. I have used FOI requests myself for information as part of a masters thesis and your book makes me want to exercise my FOI rights further, much further…

  5. Terri says:

    Congratulations Heather – and richly deserved.

  6. John L Bell says:

    So far I have focussed on the MPs’ expenses scandal but am reading ‘The Silent State’ with interest.

    What sort of banana republic do I live in?

    PS Did a bit of name dropping in an online comment on an article in The Times in April!! The comment was edited and published in the letters section of Sunday Times on the 11th! Sorry…. forget the single quotation marks around ‘outsider’!

  7. John De Roe says:

    Yeah but Ben Goldacre is a religious writer and his followers are the kind of zealots who will buy multiple copies to give the ipression the statistics worshipping sect has more followers than it does. 🙂

  8. Clive Peaple says:

    Great book, long overdue, have now handed on across family!
    I’ve also recommended it as my email signature.

    Would love to see more from you on Freedom of Information …the Gold Reserve auction 1999-2002, and Lord Hutton’s 70 year ban on events surrounding David Kelly’s death might be interesting.

  9. nick101 says:

    Thank you for the book and for the expenses saga.

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