Speaking at the Southbank

I’ll be in conversation with historian Tristram Hunt on Tuesday 13th April 13th at 7.45pm. The event is part of the Southbank Centre’s Election 2010 series and I’ll be discussing The Silent State.

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  1. bert says:


    A FOI of 18th July 2005 to the Cabinet Office was eventually declined on 9th March 2009.
    (See http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/decisionnotices/2009/fs_50097905.pdf )

    This FOI Request (Reference: FS50097905) requested Information concerning the identification of the 4 No. alleged ‘London Bombers’ as among the dead of the London bombings of July 7 2005.

    The FOI decision was declined, even though the premise of these 4 No. alleged ‘London Bombers’ being present at the scenes has been stated in public court (the 7/7 ‘Helpers trials : R v SHAKIL, SALEEM, ALI) & no doubt will be shortly in the upcoming inquests into the deaths of the July 7th victims, none of which have yet been concluded ( see http://7julyinquests.independent.gov.uk/ ).

    If the crown (prosecution) are able to refer to ‘evidence’ of the suspected ‘July 7th bombers’ ID ( i.e. in the 2 No. R v SHAKIL, SALEEM, ALI trials), then surely a family member affected by the death of a loved one on July 7th 2005 should have the opportunity to verify the basis of the alleged bombers identification?

    Any thoughts?

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