Tonight's the night!

Hope you’ll all tune in tonight to watch On Expenses at 9pm on BBC4.

Great to see it’s made pick of the day in most of the newspapers (even if my character was described by the Times’ parliamentary sketch writer Ann Treneman as ‘this side of loony on the bus’).

Well, if the shoe fits…

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  1. Demetrius says:

    Looking forward to this one. Perhaps we need more loony’s on more buses. But they need to take care. In 1814 it was an Arthur Brooke, as British Deputy Commander under Ross, who had responsibility for torching the government buildings in Washington DC. Call it tradition if you like.

  2. A Talhan says:

    “ON EXPENSES”, Its a definite watch for me, as I played one of the MP’s sitting in House of Commons. I am the one who is shouting the loudest at the speaker.

  3. Josef in WA State, USA says:

    Congrats Heather. I hope it’s well done.

  4. Rowena says:

    Brilliant – this should be shown weekly across all channels right through the run up to the election – ‘lest we forget’.

    Thank you Heather for fighting so determinedly.

  5. jaye says:

    excellent. great film. the only loonies were the ostriches!

  6. Susan Walker says:

    Great programme – astonishing that the MP’s just could not see how we would see their excesses…rather like Sir Nicholas and his insistance that people in second class trains are different – thank goodness we are. Now ordering your next book – congrats on being so determined

  7. Sean Power says:

    I must admit, with a bit of embarrassment- crazy thing was I didn’t know who you were until watching this. Your my kinda lady – so inspiring to know there are fellow freedom fighters out there. However, I sincerely hope you don’t have penchant for interpretive dance and a kind of 19th century Pennsylvania accent. haha

  8. Jay says:

    Just watched it and I thought you (or your character) came across really well.
    Thanks for all your efforts, your motives, determination and results are inspirational:).
    I hope you’re right about the new beginning mentioned at the end of the article that led me here…

  9. Charles Dowds says:

    Well as long as it was the Clapham omnibus !

    Thank you Thank you for what you did. Our politics will be so much better for it in the future

    ( can’t wait to show my wife when she returns from Buffalo the scene outside the High Court !!!)

  10. d-dog says:

    Just finished watching On Expenses. As a journalist, I really felt your pain during the scene where you read the story you worked five years on being gift wrapped to the telegraph. But also as a journalist, I felt completely inspired by your doggedness. Congratulations

  11. Guy says:

    Bravo. I hope the programme inspires other journalists to dig deep into national scandals… though on the other hand, I came away mostly with a strong sense of overwhelming cynicism about the way this country is run, including the media.

    I pray that Parliament reforms itself properly before it’s too late.

  12. Obi says:

    Enjoyed the movie. Good to see you getting recognition for your work.

    I say you should be sitting in Parliament and keep them on their toes.

    Best regards,

  13. ally, dundee says:

    you did a good job, thanks

  14. Dave Bull says:


    I am sure you are inundated with e-mails tonight.

    I would just like to say that was a great film / docu and it gave you the credit you deserve.

    ..I think you also appeared as an mp ???

    Anyway well done ! I like am thinking like you and see it as the bigger picture.

    I am not interested in moats, cat food etc .. but the straight right for those that govern to be open in their affairs.

    You are a total credit to your profession

    All the best in your future works

    Dave Bull

  15. Abi Ford says:

    I couldn’t wait to watch it. I couldn’t thank you enough for what you had the courage to do. A lot of people are suffering today for the rules the people in Westminster drew up for the rest and for much much less. I strongly belief that there are a lot out there very jeolous of you because it was you not them who brought the subject to light. I will always support you.

  16. Brian House says:

    Heather – I really enjoyed the programme. Thank you for seeing through a process that we complacent Brits should have started long ago.

  17. Gordon Hilliard says:

    Thank you so much, we owe you a big debt of gratitude. I do not understand why so little has been said about your struggle previously. I was certainly unaware of your efforts. Now to read the book

  18. Andrew says:

    Watched the programme last night, glad to see that you’re getting more recognition for your sterling work and efforts on behalf of us all. Well done, keep it up and thank you.

  19. Paul F says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the programme – the scenes from the tribunal hearing brilliantly captured how out-of-touch MPs and Commons authorities were.
    Glad you are finally getting the credit you deserve.

  20. Well done, Heather! The media – and British public – have much to thank you for. You’ve done brilliantly! What’s your Twitter name, though? Want to do a Tweet about you. Jx

  21. Linda Robson says:

    Thank you so much Heather for your determination. Without you those slimey creatures called MP’s would still be getting away with ripping us off more than they still do.Now they are looking over their shoulders and having to be accountable.

    But I will still like to see the whole lot kicked out, when will we get justice?

    You should get an MBE,OBE or any of those other gongs they give out!

  22. John Page says:

    Yes, I thought I saw Heather as an MP too for a second, but we weren’t recording it so I couldn’t go back and look.

    Heather, did you feel it was a reasonably fair summary of the events? And of you? 🙂

  23. Mon says:

    As an average citizen I didnt know of your hard work to bring this clean… Thank you so much! What you have done was amazing and your courage is very rare nowadays! Whatever way they pictured your character in the episode it could not stop from showing your very, very hard work! I hope you will bear the fruits of it in your career! Best wishes

  24. Hi Heather – saw the ‘On Expenses’ film and really enjoyed it. Though as I’ve said in a blog perhaps it could have been a bit more revealing/clear on some of the other behaviours in Parliament in the whole affair – expectations of compliance of staff [very relevant with comments on bullying and the like at the moment] and the existing issues of claims and re-submissions. Both to heighten the issue of pervasive behaviour and to contrast with your great endeavours to reveal such behaviour. Great all the same, and well done for your pursuance of the story.
    How do you feel about the programme now it’s out? It would be great to hear.
    All the very best,

  25. valerie driscoll says:


  26. Tina Louise says:

    Watched the programme and come away with huge admiration for your tenacity.

    So thankful for your determination that led to success for ‘we the people’. Don’t stop 🙂

    Tina Louise


  27. David Pibworth says:

    Absolutley superb.

  28. Mike R says:

    watched it again on BBC Iplayer.

    Thanks for all you did.

    Why not stand for parliment?

    Let us hope the whole lot are booted out, come the general Election.



  29. ERIC MURPHY says:

    Loved the film. Icant believe (and ashamed to admit I had not heard of you.) Your superb work should be recognised in some way. I loved the part showing the agonised groans when the conspiritors realised your parents were Scousers. priceless!!! I,m off to buy your latest book.

  30. Ian W says:

    Very well done to you – and you deserve stacks of credit for all you achieved. Now watching for your name in the next honours list!

  31. Matt Barlow says:

    Great programme… Really made me think about my own apathy/reluctance when it comes to confronting wrongs, especially those as established and institutionalised as those covered in the programme.

    I’m glad the broadcast went out and that people will know how hard you worked to uncover these politicians and their creative attitudes to expenses.

  32. carol says:

    loved the programme , know the feeling well glad you kept going and very sorry you lost the recognition that you so deserved . It gives me great hope that the ordinary people can change the country quicker than the fat cats well done well done

  33. Michael says:

    Watched the Expenses Program on BBC4… Brilliant!
    You are my hero making them greedy MP’s be brought into the open
    Thanks, the world needs more people like you

  34. CRILLBO says:

    How can this be allowed to happen?
    I understand you are a “scouser” and I admire your fortitude.
    Keep after them I am sure there is more to come.

  35. John L Bell says:

    Only caught the programme last night! Great programme!
    Taxpaying citizen voters’ view of those in this Fraudsters’ Parliament;-
    What a shower of fraudsters, shysters and can artists!

    Well done, Heather!

  36. Alex says:

    Amazing programme, Heather is a real hero and should be given an award for fighting for freedom for all of us.
    Wee done

  37. P Fox says:

    Watched show last night!congratulations,we owe you a great debt.I was delighted to learn you are from Liverpool stock.That is where you get your tenacity,and,they will not beat me attitude from.Keep up the good work and lots of luck for the future.

  38. Phil Saint says:

    Just about to watch the programme on BBC iplayer. Hope it’s as good as I hope it will be. Either way, a belated thatnk you from me to you for spending the time trying to get the truth out there.
    Phil Saint

  39. David says:

    Just watching Expenses on BBC4. I am inspired!Thanks to your tenacity over 4 years, we now are a more informed public! I now know I can pursue other similar status quo situations!
    Thanks Heather!

  40. Rob Reynolds says:

    Your a Bloody Heroine, this country need more people like you and less scum/parasites like them, well done Heather.

  41. Angela Gooch says:

    Watched the programme – well done, Heather, you finally have the credit you greatly deserve! You do all the ground work and the media feeds on it – without any credits – typical! I know just how you feel!
    Good luck for the future.

  42. skingers says:

    Great program… Laid it all bear:) Good for you…

  43. Richard Hunt says:

    I watched it here in Prague, and will show it to as many Czech friends as possible. I knew about your role, but did not know of your American background. What I was sure about is that you are a fantastic inspirational citizen, and I think that comes across well in the film.

    Thank you for your wonderful work

    Richard Hunt

  44. Paul Jackson says:

    Congratulations on an excellent programme and dogged campaign. I had no idea you were involved. I thought the Daily Telegraph had unearthed the story…sorry!

    I hope the programme is repeated on a major channel.

  45. J Davidson says:

    I saw the programme last night and I have to say I didn’t realise your role in it and just how important that was. For us novices, it really dramatised how the unveiling & subsequent unravelling of an archaic government came about single handly by you.
    It’s great the BBC produced a drama that postively depicted you (not to mention a great selection for the artress to play to you!), but the work doesn’t stop there. I think you should be the spokeswomen for more freedom of information campaigns. If you can raise your public profile, who know’s where this will take you. I don’t think you can do this on your own though, you need a dedicated team, but I’m sure there are followers out there!

    Great work, just don’t stop!

  46. Michael Marum says:

    I watched it twice, thought that Michael Martin speech of apology was not given justice in the programme, in reality he was stumbling over the sentence “I am profoundly sorry” like he did not mean a word of it and was just reading from a piece of paper that was probably written for him by someone. I think if the politicians have a right to $400 per month expenses in food, then the people on Job Seekers Allowance should then be entitled to the same. It has gone on far too long and i hope that people remember your programme and what you campaigned for when they go to the voting table, hope to see some good stuff from you in the future 🙂 Thanks.

  47. Stewart Campbell says:

    The film does show that YOU deserve the credit.
    I for one THANK YOU.
    Without the film I would have not known of your hard work on my behalf, and yes it is personal.
    Could you please look at the the EU budget fiasco. And I say that as a supporter of the EU.

    Thanks Again

  48. Ella M says:

    You are one brave determined and brilliant woman!! Thank you for your tenacity and determination. We need more of your moral fibre here. Bless you!!

  49. CRILLBO says:

    Dear Heather

    I am astounded at the lack of demand in investigating further the criminal activities of the so called Honourable Gentlemen.
    The arrogance of CONWAY,WINTERTON along with the attempts to convince the CPS that MPs are above the law in the case of 4 out of 360 being charged is astonishing and equally sickening.
    This followed by BYERS,HOON,HEWITT etc lampooned on the Despatches programme clearly signifies what a corrupt bunch we are.
    Surely we can not put an X next to any of this crowd without an enquiry that will LAY BARE the whole rotten system.
    The Legg and Kennedy results look as if you may have wasted your time,lets hope not.

    Best regards

  50. lee edwards says:

    Have not seen the programme!!!…. dying to watch!!!!… anybody know where I can view as the bbc has removed it……

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