Articles: Vatican revelations in diplomatic cables

Here are a few links to the Vatican articles I worked on (Sorry for delayed posting).

Vatican refused to engage with child sex abuse inquiry
11 Dec 2010: Leaked cable lays bare how Irish government was forced to grant Vatican officials immunity from testifying to Murphy commission.

Pope wanted Muslim Turkey kept out of EU
10 Dec 2010: Vatican diplomats also lobbied against Venezuela’s Hugo Ch├ívez and wanted ‘Christian roots’ enshrined in EU constitution.

Pope helped to free British sailors held by Iran, WikiLeaks cables show
10 Dec 2010: Leaked cables show UK diplomats were reluctant to give pontiff credit for release of 15 sailors held for a fortnight in 2007.

Pope’s offer to Anglicans risked ‘violence against Catholics’
11 Dec 2010: British ambassador warned that pontiff’s invitation to disaffected Anglicans to convert left relations with Vatican at 150-year low

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