Daily Politics: The Census

A piece I recorded for the BBC Daily Politics show on the 2011 Census.

4 Responses to “Daily Politics: The Census”

  1. Josef from WA ST, USA says:

    Great sortie, Newsbrooke. Nice to see the Beeb let you on :-). I’m always conflicted about the census in the USofA anyhow, on one hand I support open data efforts on the other where does one draw the line? Where?

  2. William Ford says:

    Odd that Heather Brooke, champion of ‘freedom of information’ is so happy to appear on the BBC, an organisation that does absolutely everything it can to prevent anyone getting access to information about what it does, and is LEGALLY FREE to say whatever it wants about it’s activities with their being no legal way a licence payer can get that independently checked out. Whatever we think about the duplicity of government, we can vote them out and consign an administration to history in a single 24hr period. We have no choice about the BBC and risk PRISON if we don’t pay for it. Where is the freedom, or the democracy, in that?

  3. William Ford says:

    You’ll have noticed the BBC gets my goat.

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