They’re at it again. MP expenses

You couldn’t make it up. While the UK Transparency twitter feed was sending out gushing messages about Cabinet Minister Francis Maude’s latest open government agenda, Speaker John Bercow, in cahoots with Tory MP Julian Lewis, was trying a rear-guard action to keep MPs’ expenses secret. 

You’d have thought Bercow might remember how his predecessor was brought low due to his obstinate stance on publishing expenses. But no. They’re at it again. Even a High Court ruling isn’t getting in their way. In 2008, MPs argued against my freedom of information request to disclose the full details of their second home allowance and address. They claimed such disclosure would endanger them. They had no proof. Just their own paranoid narcissism. Three of the nation’s top judges ruled in my favour saying that public accountability required the claims and addresses be published. Now some MPs are trying to subvert that ruling by stealth. The new broom, it seems, still has some sweeping to do. 

I had a few words to say about it on Sky News.

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  1. Brian Hinchcliffe says:

    Oh you are so right! Few things upset me more than the abuse of power to protect itself from the consequences of truth. The police commissioner elections are a clear indicator of the British public’s confidence in democracy. NIL. This dishonest, deceitful obfuscating is enraging millions of taxpayers and traditional party voters. Those who persist in keeping their expenses secret from those who pay them have clearly not seen the writing on the wall. The only winners will be BNP and UKIP. The ringleader is Bercow who undoubtedly has a lot to hide. Bercow certainly will have some stuff he’d rather keep under wraps if his soft-porn posing missus is anything to go by. But that is yet another story…

  2. jon donson says:

    “paranoid narcissism”

    What’s *your* home address?

    Full disclosure: I am not a serial killer.

    By the way, you actually look normal. Except at 1:08, where your eyes look really weird.

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