Contact Details

Please send email to: heather [at]

Before you email me

If you are emailing me as a recipient of a bulk mail then I will most likely not read it as I’ll assume it’s a press release. Please make it clear in the subject of the email what the message is regarding.

Press interviews

If you would like to interview me for broadcast or publication, please email me the details. If you need a photograph or biography for publication then please see the ‘About Heather’ section of this website.

Lecture requests

I keep speaking engagements to a minimum because of time and travel constraints, but obviously I am interested in many of the requests sent to me. If you would like me to speak at an event please email me with details including:
• Estimated audience size and profile
• Date and location
• Travel and payment arrangements
• Type of conference (if delegates are charged, the cost of a ticket)

Advice about investigations and FOI

I am sent many requests every week asking for assistance with investigations and Freedom of Information requests. Although I try to help with as many as I can it is impossible to respond to all of them.

If you need help submitting FOIs or appealing responses from public bodies, please consult my book ‘Your Right To Know’. It contains lots of information on using the FOIA effectively. You can also look at the website to see how other requests have been handled.

Deciding which cases I can investigate is difficult and it tends to be topics for which I hold a personal interest. If you email me, please include a summary of no more than 150 words, as this makes it easier to get a feel for your problem and decide if I can help. Please describe the main issue clearly right at the top. Specifics and actual evidence are vital; this includes any documents, case studies, recordings and personal examples you might have. What I also advise is that people do as much of their own investigation as they can. No one is going to be more interested in your case than you. I provide a number of tools in ‘Your Right to Know’. You can also find information on this website.

If your question is about the expenses scandal or related matters of transparency in public services, then it’s best if you read my latest book ‘The Silent State’ to see if it answers your questions. If you want to know about FOI law either in theory, in practice or in relation to journalism then please read my earlier book ‘Your Right to Know’. Unfortunately I am usually unable to give interviews.