Bendy Bus accidents

I’ve been meaning to post these up for awhile. Anyone who has ever been clipped or squeezed by a bendy bus might be interested. Please let me know if you have any experiences of bendy bus accidents. There’s definitely a news story in here somewhere. Also interesting to note the frequency with which drivers on the Old Kent Road are the victims of vandals throwing rocks.

I received these documents from Transport for London in response to a Freedom of Information Request I filed awhile ago. They are in excel spreadsheet format.

Route 73 (42 kb)

Route 507 (44 kb)

Route 521 (57kb)

Route 12 (26kb)

Route 436 (142 kb)

Route 18 (61kb)

Route 453 (143kb)

Route 149 (43kb)

Route 25 (64kb)

Transport for London responses with some explanatory notes on how the data is collected. Basically, it seems the drivers, working for the private companies, are responsible for recording and reporting this data. It’s easy to see that in such a system there is a disincentive to report cases where the bus driver is at fault.

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