Information Commissioner Response

14 June 2005

Dear Ms Brooke


I write in response to your letter dated 1st June.

I can confirm that we are dealing with your request, and intend to disclose the information you have requested.
The information you require can be provided from our casework overview in electronic table form, however the column which shows the name of the public authority also includes the name of the individual complainant which as you rightly point out in your letter will need to be redacted.

In order to answer your request promptly I have provided a table showing the majority of the information you have requested, but it does not included the public authority/ name of complainant.
I will provide a table including the public authority information as soon as possible, certainly before the 1st July.

The date of acknowledgement is not included in our casework overview.
We acknowledge receipt of applications within one day of their arrival at the Information Commissioners Office. Once designated to a caseworker they contact the complainant to advise them of progress. In the event that a complaint takes more than 28 days to complete, the complainant is advised of progress every 28days.

I have also attached copies of decision notices issued; you may note that eleven decision notices have been issued whereas only seven cases are shown as decision notice served in the overview table. Four case states had not been updated when the information was copied into the electronic table.
It has always been the intention of the Information Commissioner to publish a summary of his decisions on the ICO website; this facility will be available shortly.

With regard to point 8, as our policy is to make all decision notices available we do not hold any information appertaining to a decision not to publish decision notices.

I hope that you find this information helpful.
I will endeavour to provide you with the remaining information you have requested as soon as possible.
If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of how we have dealt with your request you can make representations to us, and ask us to review the handling of your request.

Yours sincerely

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