Congestion charge camera locations

Minories / Tower Hill west
Minories / Hammett Street
Goodmans Yard / Minories
Mansell St / Portsoken St
Mansell St / Little Somerset St
Mansell St / Aldgate High St
Whitechapel High St/Middlesex St
Whitechapel High St/Goulston St
W.chapel High St/Old Castle St
Whitechapel High St / Tyne St
Commercial St / Wentworth St
Commercial Street / White’s Row
Commercial St / Brushfield St
Commercial Street / Lamb Street
Commercial St / Folgate St
Commercial St / Fleur de Lis St
Gt Eastern St/Shoreditch High St
Curtain Road / Scrutton Street
Holywell Lane / Curtain Road
Great Eastern St / Phipp St
Great Eastern St / Leonard St
Great Eastern St / Ravey St
Old Street / Singer Street
Old Street / City Road
Old St/Old St west of Roundabout
City Road / Baldwin Street
City Road / Peerless Street
City Road / Cayton Street
City Road / Bath Street
City Road / Mora Street
City Road / Dingley Road
City Road / Macclesfield Rd
City Road / Central Street
City Road / Moreland Street
City Road / Pickard Street
City Road / Hall Street
Wakley Street / Goswell Road
Pentonville Rd / St John St
Pentonville Rd/Claremont Sq East
Pentonville Rd/Claremont Sq West
Kings Cross Road / Vernon Rise
Swinton St / Kings Cross Rd
Swinton Street / Swinton Place
Swinton Street / Grays Inn Road
Grays Inn Road / Argyle Street
Grays Inn Rd / St Chad’s St
Euston Road / Birkenhead Street
Euston Road / Crestfield Street
Euston Road / Belgrove Street
Euston Road / Argyle Street
Euston Road / Judd Street
Euston Road / Mabledon Place
Euston Road / Duke’s Road
Euston Road / Upper Woburn Place
Euston Road / Gordon Street
Grafton Way / Gower Street south
Grafton Way / Huntley Street
Grafton Way / Tottenham Court Rd
Tottenham Court Rd / Grafton Way
Tottenham Court Rd / Warren St
Euston Road / Fitzroy Street
Euston Road / Conway Street
Euston Road / Cleveland Street
Marylebone Rd / Bolsover St
Marylebone Rd/Great Portland St
Park Crescent / Portland Place
Marylebone Rd/Pk Crescent Mews W
Marylebone Road / Harley Street
Marylebone Rd / Devonshire Pl
Marylebone Rd/Marylebone High St
Marylebone Rd / Nottingham Pl
Marylebone Rd / Luxborough St
Marylebone Rd / Chiltern St
Baker Street / Porter Street
York Street / Baker Street
York Street / Montagu Mansions
Gloucester Place / York Street
York Street / Gloucester Place
Gloucester Pl / Salisbury Pl
Marylebone Rd / Upper Montagu St
Marylebone Road / Knox Street
Marylebone Road / Wyndham Street
Marylebone Road / Enford Street
Marylebone Road / Seymour Place
Old Marylebone Rd / Harcourt St
Old Marylebone Rd / Homer St
Old Marylebone Road / Homer Row
Edgware Road / Crawford Place
Edgware Road / Harrowby Street
Edgware Road / George Street
Edgware Rd / Stourcliffe St
Edgware Rd / Upper Berkeley St
Edgware Road / Seymour Street
Edgware Road / Bryanston Street
Marble Arch / Gt Cumberland Pl
Marble Arch / Oxford Street
Park Lane / North Row
Park Lane / Green Street
Park Lane / Woods Mews
Park Lane / Upper Brook Street
Park Lane / Upper Grosvenor St
Park Lane / Mount Street
Park Lane / South Street
Park Lane / Stanhope Gate
Park Lane / Curzon Street
Park Lane / Hertford Street
Hyde Pk Cnr/Piccadilly U.pass W
Hyde Park Corner / Piccadilly
Hyde Pk Cnr/Piccadilly U.pass E
Bressenden Pl/Buck.ham Palace Rd
Bressenden Pl / Victoria St
Victoria Street / Carlisle Place
Vauxhall Bridge Rd / Francis St
Vauxhall Bridge Rd/Rochester Row
Vauxhall Bridge Rd/Bloomburg St
Vauxhall Bridge Rd/Stanford St
Vauxhall Bridge Rd / Chapter St
Vauxhall Bridge Rd / Rampayne St
Bessborough Gdns/John Islip St
Bessborough Gardens / Millbank
Kennington Lane / Tyers Street
Kennington Lane / St Oswald’s Pl
Kennington Lane / Vauxhall St
Kennington Lane/Loughborough St
Kennington Lane / Courtenay St
Kennington Lane / Cardigan St
Kennington Lane / Kennington Rd
Kennington Lane / Denny Street
Kennington Lane / Chester Way
Kennington Lane / Renfrew Road
Newington Butts / Dante Road
Elephant & Castle/St Georges Rd
Elephant & Castle / London Road
Elephant & Castle/Newington C.wy
New Kent Road / Meadow Row
New Kent Road / Falmouth Road
New Kent Road / Harper Road
New Kent Rd / Bartholomew St
Old Kent Rd / Great Dover St
Tower Bridge Road / Green Walk
Tower Bridge Rd / Rothsay St
Tower Bridge Rd / Bermondsey St
Tower Bridge Rd/Bermondsey Sq
Tower Bridge Road / Abbey Street
Tower Bridge Rd / Tanner St
Tower Bridge Road / Roper Lane
Tower Bridge Road / Druid Street
Tower Bridge Road / Fair Street
Tower Bridge Rd / Tooley St
Lambeth Bridge – southside
Westminster Bridge – southside
Waterloo Bridge – southside
Blackfriars Bridge – southside
Southwark Bridge – northside
King William St n of London Brdg
Goswell Rd north of Fann St
Clerkenwell Rd / St John St
Clerkenwell Rd / Farringdon Rd
Rosebery Avenue / Mount Pleasant
Farringdon St / Stonecutter St
Holborn Viaduct wst of Snow Hill
Borough High St / Great Dover St
Southwark St e of Gt Suffolk St
Southwark St w of Gt Suffolk St
Regent Street / Oxford Street
Shaftesbury Av/Charing Cross Rd
St Giles High St/Shaftesbury Av
The Strand / Duncannon Street
Haymarket south of Charles II St
Pall Mall east of Waterloo Place
Tot Ct Rd nth of Bedford Avenue
Southampton Row / Vernon Place
Victoria Emb nth of Av
New Cavendish St / Harley St
Upper Thames St / Queen St Pl

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  1. Percy says:

    We got done for a congestion charge penalty even though we didnt want to go in the area. We came down Lissom Grove travelling south to the Marylebone road where it turns out you cant turn right. And if you are in the right hand lane you cant go left either. So no choice but to go across into Seymour Place/Harcourt Road to get back on to the Marylebone road (westbound). Max 2 minutes in the zone, Interesting that cameras are located there – presumably this is called shooting sitting ducks? And NO warning in Lissom Grove. I’d be interested to know if other have had similar experiences.

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