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Newsnight: MPs Expenses debate

Monday, October 12th, 2009

BBC Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman debates the MPs Expenses scandal with Heather Brooke, Benedict Brogan of the Daily Telegraph and ridiculous old fart Stuart Bell.

Records being shredded before Information Act

Monday, November 29th, 2004

I worked with the Daily Telegraph on a series of articles examining whether government officials were shredding record numbers of documents in an imprudent attempt to get their records systems in order prior to full implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. I will shortly post all the figures and governmental communications I received that form the basis of these stories.

I was particularly interested in the way different departments answered my requests and the information they could provide. It became clear that some departments had few facts at hand to measure records destruction which is disturbing in itself. There is a great need for more checks and balances on the system of government records disposal and it is to be hoped that new electronic records management systems will create a clearer and more auditable system.

Main article (page 1)
By Ben Fenton and Heather Brooke
(Filed: 29/11/2004)

Government departments have been shredding record numbers of official files in the months leading up to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act.