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Sneaky MPs vote to keep addresses secret

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Just as the debate on the Political Parties and Elections Bill was about to end at 9pm last night, Julian Lewis MP stood up and sneakily inserted a clause to exempt MPs’ home addresses from being included in the electoral registers.

Yet again – one rule for us, another for our ever-more-self-important MPs.

Read more in today’s Daily Telegraph.

The High Court ruled in my case for the publication of MPs expenses that MPs’ home addresses should be published to ensure the second homes allowances were being spent properly and not abused. There were cases of MPs claiming the allowance for homes they were renting out privately, homes they were using for holidays and even homes that did not exist.

The ruling was entirely sensible and allowed MPs with a valid security threat to be exempted from disclosure. What it didn’t allow for was self-important, paranoid, conspiracy-obsessed MPs to keep secrets from their own constituents based on fevered imaginings. What shocking distrust and disrespect our leaders have for us! Meanwhile they demand from us complete transparency.

If you’ve any doubts about the Walter Mitty nature of Julian Lewis and his cronies who voted for this bill, might I point you toward someone who is possibly a wee bit more important but who, nonetheless, has no problems understanding that in a democracy a leader must be directly answerable to the people.